Thursday, 14 July 2011

Purbeck Mason Wasp

Pseudepipona herrichii -  The Purbeck Mason Wasp, a scarce and localised species in the UK. 
drawn as a commission, to go along side my earlier Urocerus gigas illustration.

permanent markers, fine line pen, acrylics on A4 cartridge paper

Something prickly

Eudejeania diabolis, an imagined Giant Tachinid fly, based on the real Eudejeania melanax. Tachinids are parasitic in their larval stage, developing inside the bodies of caterpillars and other insects, usually each Tachinid species has a specific host, or range of hosts. This one is giant, around 60mm long, and develops inside the bodies of small mammals.

permanent markers, fine line pen on A4 cartridge paper.

for this drawing I used some of Chris Raper's fantastic photos of tachinid specimens as reference.