Friday, 3 December 2010

Hornet Robber-Fly

The Hornet Robber-Fly, Asilus crabroniformis is a large species of robber fly, and one of the largest flies found in the UK, at 24 - 35mm long. Like all other robber flies, they are predatory and grab other insects in mid air, piercing them and sucking out internal fluids. Because of their lifestyle they are clothed in bristles and spines, with a huge "beard" to protect the eyes from the struggling victims.

This drawing is much like the previous one, on A4 cartridge paper done with fine line pen, pro-markers, and acrylic paint.

incidentally, this is also my favourite of all the insects I have ever seen. Unfortunately it is now very rare and localised in the UK, only occurring in a few grazing fields, where the larvae develop in cattle, horse or rabbit dung.

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  1. Hi Carim, All your illustrations are amazing and this is no exception! I saw the Hornet Robber-Fly along the footpath that leads west from The Mall in Brading onto the north side of Brading Down. It was at the point where the path opens out on the left, making sorties from the sunlit hedgerow on the right. I haven't seen one since, but have seen other robber-flies - the last was on the landslip up at Yaverland. They always seem to be leaning somewhat suspiciously to one side.