Friday, 11 March 2011

The Insects are returning!

Seems like Winter lasts for ever, but over the last few weeks some insects have started to make a re-appearance, mainly large Queen Bumble bees waking up from hibernation. I Have only collected a few things so far in 2011, here's a small solitary bee I found today basking in the sun in the back garden...

It is about 8mm long, probably quite a common species, but one which I haven't encountered before.
I also found a few insects earlier in the week, which have now been added to the ever growing reference collection.

And here is a brief look at part of my British insects collection:



    carim, this is on exhibition at the saatchi gaIiery, it reminded me of your work

  2. thanks!
    ah yes, Tessa Farmer does some amazing work, I love the evil fairies pulling the wings off a hornet! haha

    I dont really see my collection as artwork, as it is more for scientific value, but I have always thought that even the specimen insects make great visual pieces on their own.