Thursday, 12 May 2011

Recent work- uni project and more...

Recently I have been working on a project called 'This is Your Life' and I was given the man Robert Newton Ford, to base the work on. He is the the who shot Jesse James, back in April 3rd 1882. I decided to base the work around this one particular moment in his life because it was the moment that defined him, in my eyes, particularly because he spent his younger days in awe of Jesse James, and admired everything he did. I looked into the reasons for the assassination, and found that Ford was under extreme mental conflict, from the side of him that wanted to make a name and be remembered in legend as he knew Jesse James would be, and the opposing side which admired and loved Jesse James, and almost wanted to become him.

Marker pens, fine line ink pen, coloured pencil and acrylic on white card.

I have also just finished making 2 miniature insect taxidermy domes, in the style of the old Victorian style taxidermy displays. These domes are the small plastic domes with bases that are designed to display gem stones or thimble collections etc. They are around 40mm tall, so the insects inside are quite small. One dome holds three Nomad bees, collected in the UK, and the other holds 2 bright metallic green Chrysomelid beetles.


  1. Those sagittally cut heads look right on (says Anatomy Professor Waayers).

    And I love the naturalistic insects -- nicely done.

  2. thanks Pat and Robyn! the brain thing is supposed to show Robert Ford's conflicting mindset, about the assassination of Jesse james.